Hello Sailor

…aaaaaaaaaaaaand we continue with the lame line in vaguely nautical titles.  Since there were no hitches with the fitting the other day and my circus friend seemed to have no problems twisting himself upsidedown in a giant coil of rope metres off the ground in it, I had the go-ahead to make the proper version of the waistcoat in brown linen.  ???????????????????????????????

I know it looks like it fits Dido, but it doesn’t really.  It’s fooling.

It’s not great, because I’ve got a bit rusty with the ol’ machine sewing thing, but it looks pretty good.  The buttons are actually painted on with gold acrylic because real buttons are hazardous when combined with ropes acts.    ???????????????????????????????

Little splodge of ultra-shiny gold acrylic and nobody’s the wiser from a distance…

The pattern from it was drafted with reference to this diagram for a 1715-1735 sleeved waistcoat that was on The Costumer’s Manifesto.  Looking at that pattern really helped me get the swept-back shape that not only references the right look for the costume, but also allows it to flare backwards and away from things like hands and feet and ropes that it could otherwise have become caught in, and also allows for greater freedom of movement.  I guess it makes sense really, that a real sailor would’ve needed their clothes to stay out of the way while they’re clambering about in the rigging.