Ask Not the Sparrow How the Eagle… er… Sews.

The Junketsu is nearly done!

DSC_1135Even though, come to notice it, his ties (moustaches?) are a bit big.


Hells yeah for the stripe matching!

I’ll upload some closer shots of the different bits in a post or two to show how I did them, but at this stage the only real differences from my last post are:

1) The skirt and sleeves are on.  So are the cuffs. They’re a little shallow for total accuracy, but behold the proverbial barren field where I grow the craps I could give.  The skirt was an… interesting step, and I think the order I thought to do things in wasn’t optimal, but it still worked out in the end. It pretty much needs a post to itself.

2) Bias tape.  I bought the blue bias tape because I hate making bias tape with the kind of instinctive disgust that snails reserve for salt (except without the frothing and dying part).  That said, all the gold stripes are bias tape that I made from a fabric that bears an uncanny resemblance to the faux silk that my alma mater uses for Environments degree hoods.  I think it’s literally the same stuff.  (Hannah and Thom does this look like ‘manila folder’ colour to you? Cause it does to me.)  The advantage of using bias tape for the stripes though is that it can be fernangled around corners and curves with relative ease, thus negating the requirement for patterning of any kind.  I just stuck the dress on the dress form and pinned it all on.  Then I sewed it all on, which was harder because of the bulk of the garment and also because that stupidly slippy synthetic satin (are you feeling alliterated yet?) squiggled around a bit while I was trying to sew it.  It probably didn’t help that I was watching Attack on Titan OVAs at the same time, but I have no regrets.

3) The zip is in.  I was terrified that it was going to be too narrow across the back and I was going to bust the zip, but it’s stood up to an experimental trip to the kitchen for tea with my favourite housemate, so I remain hopeful.  The zip is a sturdy thing that I salvaged from a fugly dress from a theatre garage sale.  (Translation: I don’t care that it’s not a white invisible zipper because frugality for the win!)

4) The armband, which sucks and I want to redo.

5) The epaulettes are coming along.  They’re a bit big, so I might shave some off the back ends, but I think I’ll see about that once the fringe is on.  Which will happen when I actually get some fringe.  Which might happen when I get paid.  Maybe.  The gold cord is cheap white piping cord which I’m painting, because it was 60 cents a metre and I already had gold paint lying around, and actual gold cord was like, $5.00 a metre.  No brainer.

6) It has been hemmed.  It’s now short enough that it would not pass muster at any school with a dress code.

The stuff that’s left to do stands thusly: work out how to attach and fasten the floating collar, trim the epaulettes, work out how to attach them (I’m thinking the trad way because that’s how I roll), make the boots (eep!) and hairclips, buy a wig, and buy a katana.  Because it looks silly with an umbrella:


Subjugation is liberation… from precipitation?