Dido the Dressform is Halfway Done

Remember that dressform I said I might get around to making?  Well I started.


I used my snuggest princess seam block.



As usual, my patterns look like bacon.

I might be jumping the gun here, but I’ve decided to call her Dido.  As in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. It’s an in-joke.  She’s really just a test… she’s made from some upholstery fabric I got at the UMSU Theatre garage sale, and stuffed with a pillow.  I’ll find something better to stuff her with once I’ve made some adjustments (mostly she should have my concave chest, and preferably some kind of neck.  I probably won’t ever be able to get her to do the funny flat-front-to-back thing that my ribs do… unless I make her some coat-hanger-wire ribs or something…  now there’s an idea… a dressform with a skeleton!).  For the moment if I need to use her I’ll stick her in a bra and it’ll go a ways to fixing the rather homogeneous shape of her chest.



Front-side view (not like anyone could tell)


Back view


Side view.  Again, it’s hard to see where the front is. 


She looks very pretty in my stays toile though.


Hooray!  I have a (sort of) body double!  Maybe I can send her to Postgrad Seminar and teach her how to sign my name off for me…

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