The Peplum of Irony Sees a Countertenor

The Peplum of Irony is done!  The lining is finished!  The hems are all bias bound and tacked invisibly! The yards and yards of beastly pink basting has been removed!  And it has had its first outing, to the MRC to see the French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky ( for the uninitiated, a countertenor is a guy who sings mostly Baroque music in a very very high voice.  It’s weirdly hot.  I personally prefer a more brutto sound to Philippe’s melty little milk-and-honey tones, but hey.  His sound is actually harder to achieve, so credit where it’s due.), who I think at one point had the most views on Youtube of any video not featuring fluffy kittens or something like that.  He seems to control his pitch exclusively through his right shoulder, so the more florid the line, the more he gets his funky little coloratura-dance on.  And boy was there some coloratura.  If he could convince someone to pay him per note, one aria would have him set for life.

So my peplum is looking a bit squashed from having been sat on for hours.   But please ignore the squash-squash, and my grumpy food-deprived face (I was unlucky enough to not have time for anything after breakfast today), as I ignore Philippe’s funky shoulder.  And the light makes it hard to see my wonderful mustard-coloured stockings.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


And yes, my cello wears a scarf and two hats.  What of it?

2 thoughts on “The Peplum of Irony Sees a Countertenor

  1. Patricia says:

    so happy to have found your blog. I am a soprano and I also sew. Mostly costumes. I am in Florida, USA. I hope to start my own blog very soon, the only problem is finding a name for the thing. Happy sewing!

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